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Ulrich Cheese Cave at Bedford Nest

James Ryan is passionate about making great cheeses, but he needed a dedicated space for his projects. He wanted a building that looked unique. Richard Miller helped him find the perfect fit. This log cabin shell has a red metal roof to match his carports and his Ulrich gazebo. Besides looking cool, James likes that it’s really well built.

James is still working on getting the inside of the cabin ready for cheese making. The front half is where he will warm the milk and put the curd into molds.

The room in the back (below) will be the “cave” where his cheeses will age. Notice the little black box under the a/c unit in the cave. That device hacks the a/c unit so that James can make the cheese cave as cold as he wants. Ideally, he will keep this room at 50 degrees and about 85% humidity. The temperature will be much easier to achieve than the humidity.

James let me sample four of his cheeses: Schropshire Blue, Gruyere, Salers, and a Stilton style cheese. His cheeses are intense and flavorful. James says that making cheese is easy; making a good cheese is hard.

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