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Happy as a Lark!

“Charlie Wallace says “I’m happy as a lark” after completion of his Ulrich Shed. However, he’s not the only one excited about his brand new shed; two grandkids couldn’t wait for the adventure and set up camp in their new Garden Shed that very same night, a short lived joy as their grandparents are planning on filling up the new addition with heirlooms.

The whole family will benefit greatly from the additional storage space. Growing up with depression era parents, Charlie was taught not to throw good things away including much of what his parents left to him.

Charlie and his wife shopped around before entrusting Ulrich to build their shed, but soon realized a cookie cutter building just wouldn’t do. They needed plenty of lofted storage, in order to maximize Charlie’s usable workspace, however none of the competitors would offer more than a single loft space. Ulrich, however, was able to build three lofts for the additional storage they needed. Now Charlie and his family have the perfect balance of storage and workspace.
Thanks to Jim White for helping Charlie’s family find the perfect shed for their needs.”

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