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Creative She-Shed designs that will blow your mind

When it comes to she sheds, most would agree that how they look on the outside is just as important as the inside. What is a she shed? Well, you’ve heard of a man cave? She sheds are the same thing, only for women. Interested? If so, here are some creative, she shed designs to inspire you.

The Vintage Shed

Living Vintage, a company based in Eastern Texas, makes structures out of salvaged wood. They pride themselves in creating buildings that, though new, look like they have been lived in for years. Last year, Living Vintage repurposed their salvaged wood into a beautiful, vintage shed.

This shed is made almost entirely out of wood salvaged from some of their other projects. The salvaged materials make this shed’s vintage look possible. They used brick, shiplap and tin in the making of this artist’s retreat space.

The garden shed looks like something out of a picture book. Kim, founder of Living Vintage, is proud of it. She would love to make a vintage shed like this one a possibility for other people who love the vintage look. “We’d love to help other people in the East Texas area make their dreams of owning a gardening shed with vintage character a reality” says Kim.

Beautiful she shed for sale

If a quality she shed is what you seek, this luxury she shed built by Ulrich Barns might be the right fit for you. This she shed is “built like a tank, but dressed like a queen,” and comes in a variety of colors. It’s perfect for Texans looking to add a posh shed to their backyard.

The best part about it is that this is a she shed for sale, and can be yours for a special offer of $9,445.

Because of its durability and design, this she shed can be used for anything –a place for friends to gather, storage, or a private retreat space.

Plain, white, she shed on the outside –daydream on the inside

Though more of a concept shed (you won’t find it on the market), Ella Claire partnered with Home Depot to create a classy she shed. Made to be enjoyed by a group of friends or for a little alone time, this she shed is white with a little vintage charm. It looks best with the windows propped open and has curtains hanging above the doorway. Inside are white chairs, sofas, and flowers spread out underneath books that are stacked high from the rafters. Besides the sofa stands a stack of vintage travel cases transformed into a neat table. This she shed is a great example of a simple yet beautiful way you can get creative with your she shed remodeling.

The Modern Shed

One last she shed that could potentially be yours is one designed by Modern Shed. Modern Shed designs sheds that are not intended for garden storage. Their designs focus on providing solutions to limited living space. If you are looking for a she shed with less of a vintage feel and more of a modern, office-space vibe, these designers could be the very people you’re looking for! Sheds span a variety of purposes ranging from outdoor saunas to meditation rooms. One amazing shed you won’t want to miss is the zen-inspired retreat shed they designed. Its entryway is even protected by a pond.

For more great she shed ideas, check out these 13 creative she shed designs.Good luck with choosing the right she shed for you!

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