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The Man Cave

Skip Wentworth, spent 25 years as a decorated police officer in the city of St. Louis.  During that time, he met his wife, a native North Texan, and moved her up to St. Louis with him.  After he had retired from the police force, they moved back to Texas.  For a while, they had a bed and breakfast in Fredericksburg but finally landed in Waxahachie, Texas.  Anyone who knows the small town of Waxahachie knows that the older neighborhoods are well kept and full of charm, the Wentworth’s house is no exception.  Pristine Garden and open patio are as pretty as a picture, and seated in their backyard also rests Skip’s “Man Cave.”

Upon arriving at the door, you are met with signs like: “Man Cave,” “Beware of Wife,” and “Dad’s Garage,” all at once you know this space belongs to Skip alone.  Inside is the perfect getaway for any man.  Memorabilia, awards, and pictures from his past and present cover the walls, with a story for each and every piece.  He proudly talks about his days as an officer, and all the different jobs he has done for the force.  From K-9 unit to Motorcycle Officer, to Mounted Patrol, there is not much he hasn’t done.  
Inside the shed, Skip also has a work desk for watches and electronics, “anything small” he says,  a computer desk to work at, a television to enjoy his favorite shows, and a bookcase full of all sorts of reading material.  This place was designed with one man in mind, and it is the perfect getaway only a few feet from his back door.  

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