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Custom Made

While driving down Highway 67, Ann McCook and Husband Charles were driving their motorhome to Glen Rose to camp. All of the sudden, something caught Ann’s eye, beautifully built, high-quality sheds that would look perfect in her backyard. She told Charles to stop and turn around (quite a feat in a motorhome). Charles and Ann wandered through the Ulrich Supercenter Lot looking at Lofted Barns, Utility Sheds, Elite Gardeners, and decided that these buildings would fit her needs exactly.

Ann went home and looked online at the Ulrich website, and was soon contacted by Steven Lockwood one of the Ulrich Internet Sales Consultants. Steven helped Ann design the perfect building for their family, they needed a portable garage, for Charles’ Bobcat, but Ann wanted it to look appealing, so she decided on an Elite Garage, and Ann even added custom shed dormers to the roof of their new garage. “It was so much fun watching them move the building in; one guy set this building all by himself, it was impressive,” Charles said.

Their neighbors have asked him about why they chose such an extravagant building to house their bobcat and store their belongings. Charles simply responds “For you to look at and enjoy.”

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