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Portable Garage Helps Restaurant Stay Organized

Del Norte Tacos has grown a lot since it opened its doors in 2008 in Godley, TX. Besides the main restaurant area, it now has a large outdoor seating area and a private indoor meeting room for groups of 80+ people.

A rapidly growing business is awesome, but it has its challenges. One of those challenges is keeping equipment organized and protected.

Kaylen Bell, the Office Manager for Del Norte, started her search for the ideal solution on Facebook. Compared to the other available options, she liked the Ulrich warranty.

“I liked that I was able to custom pick out everything — the size, the colors, the trim,” says Kaylen.

With the help of internet sales consultant Steven Lockwood, she selected a 12×20 ft Premier Portable Garage. The shed features a large garage door, overhead loft storage, and a residential door for easy access.

Currently, the restaurant is using the shed to store extra chairs. In the future, Kaylen expects they will use the shed to store items related to their catering service and office supplies.

Kaylen reports a great experience with Ulrich.

“Steven was very friendly to work with,” she says. “He made it very easy.”

Kaylen would recommend Ulrich to other businesses as well.

“Overall, the building is helping us become more organized,” says Kaylen. “We’re a very, very busy establishment…so any kind of organization can help us succeed.”

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