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Private Cabin for Weekends at the Ranch

Babs and Avery Goodlett hang out at the ranch near Groesbeck, TX every weekend. They had initially purchased a mobile home for the property, but when their entire family was at the ranch, they needed more space.

But it wasn’t just space, per se, the Goodlett’s also liked the idea of having their own space, slightly separate from the rest of the family.

They started looking for a building they could finish out as a cabin and visited our store in Tyler, TX.

Ulrich Sales Consultant Peyton Lumley and his associate worked with the Goodletts to customize their building. They settled on a 12×24 ft Premier Gable Cabin Shell with a porch.

When Babs came across an idea she wanted to incorporate in the design, she’d reach out to the sales team at Tyler.

“They were so helpful,” says Babs. “I’d call him, I’d ask him — my questions were answered.”

Avery was impressed by the delivery driver’s skill, noting that the driver only had about 3 inches on either side of the cabin as he brought it in through the gate.

After delivery, the couple had their contractor finish out the interior. Babs carefully selected furniture and decor to make the interior a genuinely inviting space.

The couple loves the porch.

“We can sit out there in the morning with coffee,” says Babs, “and we have the view of the land.”

The couple reports that weekends on the ranch are even better, now that they have their own cabin.

“Everybody can get down here as an entire family,” says Avery. “Now we have our own space that we can get away.”

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