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She Shed For Crafting

After Susie Biehle heard her associates talking about the phenomenon known as the “she shed,” she starting thinking about creating her own backyard getaway.

Susie’s home in Austin, TX has a steeply sloped backyard, so her options were limited on where to place her shed. She had just enough space between her fence and her home for a 12 ft wide shed.

She worked with Ulrich Sales Consultant Jim White to customize her shed for she shed duty. The 12 x 16 ft Premier Cottage Shed features four windows, extra tall walls, and a loft that wraps around three sides of the building.

After we finished building the shell, Susie worked with her contractor to add french doors and finish out the interior into a bright, comfortable space for her hobbies. The wrap-around deck helps the shed feel connected to the rest of her outdoor living area.

Susie enjoys doing yoga, knitting, or just relaxing with a book in her she shed.

Before, if she wanted to work on her crafts inside the house, she needed to first get everything set up, and then put it away, even if she wasn’t finished with the project.

With her she shed, she can now leave her project set up until she’s finished working on it. She’s especially excited about wrapping Christmas gifts this year in her she shed.

Susie reports a great experience with Ulrich.

“Jim was great to work with — he was so patient with me,” she says. “The customer service was stellar.”

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