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Ulrich Employee
Ulrich Employee
Ulrich Employees
Ulrich Employee
Ulrich Employee
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Ulrich’s Customer Service Manager, Carlos Castaneda

There’s a tremendous amount of behind the scenes coordination that has to happen in order for us to be able to consistently deliver lots of quality buildings in a timely fashion. 

We need to have materials ready for our builders, we need to have the builders ready to build, and we need to have the delivery drivers scheduled for a date that matches your schedule. 

Additionally, our team members in the accounting side of things need to need to know when buildings reach your backyard, and which payments have been received.

If you visualize sales, inventory, manufacturing, delivery, and bookkeeping as spokes of the wheel, you’ll find Carlos, along with Lauren Thorne, serving as the hub for a lot of the day to day scheduling and coordination. 

Ulrich has a giant scheduling board listing the upcoming deliveries and on-site builds behind his desk. Carlos and Lauren can frequently be seen adding new projects, and shifting around projects as weather, driver, and client schedules require.

Now the Customer Service Manager, Carlos joined the Ulrich team back in 2012. Carlos has the unruffled and positive sort of personality that a person in his position needs in order to thrive. While parts of his job are transactional and straightforward, much of his work is to maintain full communication with the different spokes, especially the delivery drivers.

Carlos enjoys the problem solving nature of his job. Rather than getting bogged down with a new challenge, Carlos immediately shifts into the “what do we need to do” mode in order to resolve the issue and keep moving forward.“The first thing that comes to mind is, like, look for answers,” he says. 

Carlos and his wife Alma have three children, Johan, Caleb, and Jocelyn. 

Compared to other workplace environments, Carlos appreciates the family feel of Ulrich’s culture, where coworkers are friendly, and always willing to help out. 

Beyond the work he does with co-workers, Carlos enjoys the impact he has in the lives of our customers. 

“I really like to help people make their dreams come true.”

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