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She Shed For Crafting
She Shed For Crafting
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A She Shed for Crafting

Susan Dykes has enjoyed crafts since she was a little girl, helping her grandmother with sewing projects. For a number of years, she’s wanted a space she can dedicate to her hobby.

Initially she had been thinking of adding a room to her home in Allen, TX. But as she and her husband Don considered their options, they decided that a backyard building would be the better choice.

They enjoyed working with Ulrich sales consultant Weston Ulrich. After Weston asked about the couple’s plans, he recommended our Premier Gable Cabin Shell. The Dykes settled on a 12×20 ft cabin with a porch.

Because of the fence and some trees blocking access, the Ulrich crew built the cabin shell on-location. 

Inside, Don and a neighbor added insulation, plywood wall covering, and an A/C. A relative installed the electrical system. With three large windows and white interior paint, the she shed interior has a clean, bright ambiance. 

Susan added lots of storage for her craft supplies, as well as a work bench and a large work table in the center of the cabin.

Susan enjoys crafting in the she shed with her sister, as well as with her granddaughters when she has the opportunity.

When she’s by herself, Susan loves turning up the music and immersing herself in her projects. “When I’m out here, it’s like I’m in my own world,” she says. “It gives me a place that’s mine.”

“Our experience with Ulrich has been wonderful,” says Susan. “I would recommend them to anybody.”

Watch the video here.

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