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  • Custom Made

    While driving down Highway 67, Ann McCook and Husband Charles were driving their motorhome to Glen Rose to camp. All of the sudden, something caught Ann’s eye, beautifully built, high-quality sheds that would look perfect in her backyard. She told Charles to stop and turn around (quite a feat in a motorhome). Charles and Ann wandered through the Ulrich Supercenter Lot looking at Lofted Barns, Utility Sheds, Elite Gardeners, and decided that these buildings would fit her needs exactly.

    Ann went home and looked online at the Ulrich website, and was soon contacted by Steven Lockwood one of the Ulrich Internet Sales Consultants. Steven helped Ann design the perfect building for their family, they needed a portable garage, for Charles’ Bobcat, but Ann wanted it to look appealing, so she decided on an Elite Garage, and Ann even added custom shed dormers to the roof of their new garage. “It was so much fun watching them move the building in; one guy set this building all by himself, it was impressive,” Charles said.

    Their neighbors have asked him about why they chose such an extravagant building to house their bobcat and store their belongings. Charles simply responds “For you to look at and enjoy.”

  • Christmas In Action

    When you think of Christmas, you may not think of home repairs, but Christmas in Action of Cleburne, TX does.  For them, as quoted by Kris Kringle in Miracle on 34th Street; “Christmas isn’t just a day, it’s a state of mind,” and with that mindset, they keep the spirit of Christmas alive all year long.   The Christmas in Action program started in Midland, TX by a man named Bobby Trimble, who was moved to help the elderly in his hometown to make home repairs that they could not.  One sunny day in April, as they made repairs for an elderly woman, she exclaimed “This is just like Christmas in April,” and Christmas in April was founded.  When they decided to complete more projects throughout the year, they changed the name to Christmas in Action.   

    A worker for the City of Cleburne, Theresa Bednar, used to travel the city and would be forced to write tickets to elderly people, she knew had no ability to fix the things she was ticketing them for.  The leaning carports, the falling fascia, and unsightly landscaping they had no power to repair themselves, so she decided to take matters into her own hands and give them the helping hands they needed.   She contacted Bobby Trimble and brought him up to train her team in how to help those who could not help themselves.  

    Christmas in Action is run completely on donations and volunteer labor, and each year, Ulrich donates a playhouse to be auctioned off to raise money for any upcoming projects, blind bids are taken throughout late November and December, and the highest bidder gets the building delivered to them for Christmas.  The building is also used as a parade float for the city parade, adorned with lights and garland; the building is showcased for the entire city to see.  We encourage anyone in the Johnson County area to either bid on or donate to this wonderful charity, who is not only beautifying neighborhoods but building relationships between neighbors.  For more information, please visit their website at www.christmasinaction.net

  • The Snake Farm

    When you think of a “Snake Farm” you may think of the Ray Wylie Hubbard Song that says “it just sounds nasty,” but the Lone Star Reptile House in Alvarado, TX is anything but.  Earl Jones has over 300 pets, and most of those pets, many people wouldn’t go near, yes Earl has over 300 snakes and reptiles in his 400 sq ft cabin shell in his backyard.  When he first started collecting at his house in Alvarado, he was confined to a small storage room off his back porch, while his collection grew and grew, he needed more and more room, so he called Ulrich to build him a space where he could continue to grow his passion.

    In his 14x32 bright red cabin shell, he has the space he needs to grow his collection from 300 to about 2,000.  While this may not seem like something any “normal” person may want to collect or do, Earl is passionate about each and every snake in his house; he handles each one daily and interacts with them every morning at 2 am, when he cleans their cages and gives them fresh water.  Earl even takes his friends on the road, and does shows for kids and parents alike, educating them on all the misconceptions about his scaly friends.

    The outside of his cabin shell is adorned with many plants, while aesthetically pleasing these plants serve a purpose, food for his and his wife’s tortoise collection.  His wife Ren prefers the reptiles with legs, so in the storage room they grew out of previously, she keeps three tortoises and one very large lizard.  Now, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t like Earl’s collection, she fully supports all of his endeavors, and even has a few snakes of her own, however; she prefers the reptiles she keeps that move at a bit slower pace.  If you ever wanted to know anything about snakes, Earl Jones is happy to answer any question you would ever have about snakes, and then he will tell you more, you have never met a man more passionate about his hobby than him.  If you would like to know more about Earl and the animals he raises, please visit his website at www.lonestarreptiles.com.


  • 2 Chicks Wedding and Events

    Three Ulrich Cabin Shells, painted white with black trim, look so elegant sitting on the lush green lakeside property of Lake Whitney.  Two small buildings set on either side of one large building.  Each one with a porch to sit on and gaze across the lake.  This picture perfect venue belongs to 2 chicks weddings and events.  As serene as they sit during the week, on the weekends they are buzzing with the excitement of upcoming weddings.  

    Sitting to the left is the bridal suite.  Inside the quaint building is a mirror and a comfortable couch perfect for any blushing bride, and her attendants to prepare.  There is even a special back door so she can slip out unseen by her expectant groom.  To the left is the groom's parlor, while this cabin also has mirror and couch it also boasts a television and video games to cool the nerves of any groom.

    Nestled between the two smaller cabins is the reception hall.  With enough seating inside for nearly 75 people, rustic charm runs throughout the space.  The two chicks, Kay Menzies and Debye Case, who run the beautiful venue spend hours decorating from top to bottom to incorporate the colors and theme of each couple.  Debye and Kay both work hard to bring the dreams of each bride and groom to reality; they certainly have a knack for making the ordinary look so elegant as they have done with their three Ulrich Cabin Shells.  

  • The She-Shed

    Tucked up in the corner of a tranquil garden in Mineola, TX sits a little shed.  From the outside, this may look like any ordinary garden shed, but with a stylish owner like Donna Love, you know that this shed serves a more beautiful purpose than holding shovels and potting soil.

    This space is Donna’s She-Shed, Donna is an avid fan of Pinterest, and found the idea she knew she had to have.  She looked at her husband's storage shed, and planned to take it over and fill it with all things “She.” However, her husband Mike wasn’t too keen on the idea of finding a new place for all of his tools, so they turned to Ulrich to build a beautiful shed just for Donna.  The garden shed was insulated and painted.  Now there is not an inch left of the space that is untouched by Donna’s Charm.

    Upon entering the shed to your right sit two sitting chairs, antique and reupholstered to fit in with Donna’s Feminine theme.  Donna uses these chairs to sit, read, and dream alone.  An easel rests in the corner for Donna’s painting projects.  The walls of her shed are adorned with her paintings, even a self-portrait of herself swinging amongst her garden.  To the left is a table with three chairs one for Donna, and one on each side for two young granddaughters who love crafting with their grandmother.  Donna now has a space just as beautiful as she is, to create anything she can dream of.

  • Creative Ways to Organize

    When drawers and shelves aren’t enough to stay organized, these creative organization tips will help you get control of your space:


    A simple and visually appealing way to get a little more organized is by separating similar objects into glass jars. This can be great when organizing your workbench. Separate nuts and bolts, screws and nails into different jars. Jars can also be a great option for storing your seeds. The jar should keep your seeds fresh while you wait for the right time of year to start your garden up again.

    Coat Racks

    Coat racks, especially horizontal ones, can be a great way to keep things organized. The best part about using a coat rack to keep things organized is that you can hang it up along the wall. Doing this is a great way to keep tools and cleaning supplies off the ground. You can even hang bags from the hooks. Store similar items in bags to keep them together.

    Bicycle Basket

    Taking your bicycle basket off of your bike and hanging it on the wall is another great storage idea. You can keep paperwork in them, planting supplies, tools–you name it.

    Kayak Storage

    Now that it’s summer, it’s time to get out our kayaks and water sports gear from the shed. We’ll want to keep them stored somewhere easy to access, as to not get discouraged from taking them out for weekend boating trips. You can actually make your own Kayak storage rack out of PVC pipe. It’s not too difficult.

    Making use of the outside of your shed

    The inside of your shed isn’t the only place you can use for storage. Doing a lot of outdoors work this summer? Attach a wooden boot holder to the outside of your wooden storage shed. The look will compliment the outside appearance of your shed and also be a great way to easily access your work boots.

    Having a lot of bonfires this summer? Add a storage rack to the outside of your shed where you can keep nicely chopped pieces of firewood. Beats keeping them lying around in a pile all summer. Plus, keeping your wood under the shelter of your shed’s roof will reduce the need to keep a tarp around at all times.

    Go vintage

    Another visually pleasing way to make more room is by repurposing old objects into new uses.

    Vintage is the new chic. Get creative with a wall hanger that you can decorate. Wooden hangers are a great way to make use of your wall space while keeping things vintage. Use charming, box crates made out of vintage wood to store your movies, books, and magazines in. Stack vintage luggage to create a table for storage. Maybe even use the insides of the luggage to keepsakes!

    Using these creative ways to keep your shed, house or workspace clean won’t only be helpful, they will look great. Don’t be surprised if friends and guests ask you for tips on how they can get organized!

  • History of the Storage Shed

    Where did the idea for the storage shed come from? Surprising or not, what we know as the modern day storage shed is something that has roots as far back as the cavemen. Just as mankind has always strived to expand his wealth and knowledge, it seems that even from early on he has felt the urge to expand his ownership over his own personal space.

    Sheds as we know them

    Ancient cultures from across the world found different ways to create storage spaces apart from their houses. The Egyptians stored things underground, and the Eskimos stored (and still store) things inside igloos. The shed as we know it in America today, however, owes its ancestry to the British

    British Sheds and follies

    Besides sheds used for storage, another kind of shed-like structures were built in England. These structures, called follies, resemble less the storage shed and more the luxury shed of today–the man cave or she shed. Whereas barns existed to store essentials, follies had seemingly no purpose whatsoever. They actually sprung up as a trend for the wealthy who had plenty of land to spare.

    The first Brit to build one of these follies was Sir Thomas Tresham. He built Rushton Lodge in 1595. It was a building erected to express his Christian views on the Trinity, and the symbolism of the number three. There are three sides to the lodge, three floors, three windows on each floor, and three smoke-holes in the chimney.

    Today, the idea of a shed is huge in the British psyche. It’s so big that they even have a yearly contest to decide who has created the best shed.

    Evolution of the barn

    Just as american sheds owe their ancestry to the British (the very word “shed” is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word “shud” which means “cover”), American barns are also close relatives to English barns.

    The first colonists that came to America from England brought the English Barn with them. The English Barn was about 30x40 ft and was used to store small numbers of livestock and grain. As America formed into a nation, the barn evolved. Eventually it became the iconic Prairie Barn, intended for the wide open range, and then lastly the commercial barn that was popular in the early 1900s.

    Sheds and barns today

    Following in this tradition, Ulrich Barns offers sheds for sale in texas that serve both traditional uses as well as the rising trends in alternative sheds – stables, she sheds, playrooms, office spaces and more. Ulrich is a mennonite family business who build in the “tradition of excellent craftsmanship, honesty, and integrity.”

    Why have Ulrich build your shed?

    Once you’ve decided that you want a shed, there are only so many options facing you. You can:

    Build your own shed –if you have the time, parts and expertise to make a shed that can compare with one like this.

    You can hire somebody to design your shed, and then contract someone to make it. I don’t even want to know how much that would cost.

    You can pick up one of those plastic things you find at your local hardware store and maybe throw a shovel or two in it.

    Or you can get in touch with ulrichbarns.com and have a quality shed made for you at an affordable price. If a shed for sale in texas is what you are looking for, Ulrich Barns is your number one choice for both quality and price.

  • The Man Cave

    Skip Wentworth, spent 25 years as a decorated police officer in the city of St. Louis.  During that time, he met his wife, a native North Texan, and moved her up to St. Louis with him.  After he had retired from the police force, they moved back to Texas.  For a while, they had a bed and breakfast in Fredericksburg but finally landed in Waxahachie, Texas.  Anyone who knows the small town of Waxahachie knows that the older neighborhoods are well kept and full of charm, the Wentworth’s house is no exception.  Pristine Garden and open patio are as pretty as a picture, and seated in their backyard also rests Skip’s “Man Cave.”

    Upon arriving at the door, you are met with signs like: “Man Cave,” “Beware of Wife,” and “Dad’s Garage,” all at once you know this space belongs to Skip alone.  Inside is the perfect getaway for any man.  Memorabilia, awards, and pictures from his past and present cover the walls, with a story for each and every piece.  He proudly talks about his days as an officer, and all the different jobs he has done for the force.  From K-9 unit to Motorcycle Officer, to Mounted Patrol, there is not much he hasn’t done.  
    Inside the shed, Skip also has a work desk for watches and electronics, “anything small” he says,  a computer desk to work at, a television to enjoy his favorite shows, and a bookcase full of all sorts of reading material.  This place was designed with one man in mind, and it is the perfect getaway only a few feet from his back door.  

  • The Benefits of a Prefab cabin

    Weekend trips up to the cabin get you the best of both worlds. You’re close to nature without having to sacrifice the comforts of a modern home. There's something about waking up in a rustic, wood cabin that’s relaxing. There’s really nothing else like it.

    And no wonder –studies have shown that being in a room with bare wood walls has the same healthy benefits as a walk through the forest: a reduced heart rate, reduced anxiety, and ease of social tension.

    But how do you get one of these cabins built? Isn’t it a lot of work and money to hire a contractor and have your cabin build in a remote location? Lucky for you, prefab cabins are built and custom made to fit your specifications.


    Excited cabin buyers have many questions about the new home they are investing in. For many, this may be a vacation home in their favorite spot in the mountains or by the lake. For others, it may be a more permanent one. But an important question that they will have to answer is how to get the cabin there?

    Purchasing a cabin can be an adventure, but often what you see is what you get. The only way you can really get a fully customized cabin to suit your needs is by buying a prefab one. This allows quality control and ensured customizability.

    Prefab cabins come ready built?

    There are a lot of challenges would-be cabin owners must face when deciding to purchase their cabin. Buying a prefab cabin can be the answer to all your questions and make your cabin buying process run faster and more smoothly.

    How can it do that?

    Let’s imagine for a moment that a couple wants to build a cabin out in the mountains near their favorite mountain resort town. They buy a new piece of land, and now all that’s left is to build their new cabin on the freshly purchased property. They want full control over the build and make of their new cabin, so they think the best way to do this is by hiring a contractor.

    This, of course, brings with it a laundry list of problems starting with, how are they going to get a builder to set up shop in a remote and difficult to access location? How is he going to have the tools he needs, the manual labor, the right working conditions, in the mountains in a remote location?

    Not to mention how much is this going to cost? All the costs mentioned above plus who knows how many more hidden and unexpected costs will come along with it? For new cabin buyers, the road forward seems a little hopeless.

    Ulrich brings reality to cabin builder’s dreams

    That’s where Ulrich Cabins comes in. Ulrich is a quality builder based in Texas devoted to making each cabin with love, care, by hand. Not only are their cabins customizable, but you can also count on their product –we’ve been in the business for a while!

    The best part is we’ll even deliver your cabin to you. Just check out our pain-free delivery service.

    Building a new log cabin? Don’t sweat. Go the prefab route and know what you’re getting before you buy.

  • Small Garden Sheds and Superplants

    Amidst the storage buildings in Texas, you will also find growing an assortment of plants and wildlife. These birds and plants have found their way into the homes, gardens, and growing around storage buildings in Texas because they alone have the durability to be named the super plants of Texas.

    Plants in Texas must be able to withstand the changes in temperature and unique climate in order to really thrive. Whether growing in vast fields, or in private yards next to a small garden shed, these plants have made a name for themselves as survivors.

    Perennial Plants for the Texas landscape

    Perennial plants are those that grow from the same stem stock year to year. They are perennial because no matter the climate, no matter what happens, they will remain year after year in your garden to delight and charm you with their colors and fragrances.

    Some local favorites are the Yarrow, the Oxblood Lily, Hickley’s columbine, the German Red Carnation, Hardy Argeratum…and more.

    Small garden sheds and plants of texas

    We could go on and on about the wonderful super plants of Texas. They are part of Texas’s landscape. But not only are they a part of the Texan landscape, they are particularly precious to the gardeners, farmers and lovers of nature who live alongside these plants from the day to day.

    The gardener's retreat –small garden sheds

    While there are all kinds of great garden shed designs and ideas out there, none of them will matter as much to you as your own unique garden shed does. You already have your small garden shed –you’re just looking for how to keep up with all the plants that you’ve grown around your garden.

    Optimizing your storage space

    Seeking more space in your small garden shed?

    Firstly, you’ll want a walk in space for your small garden shed. This will allow you full vision of your tools and equipment, which is important when you are in the midst of gardening. Sometimes you’ll need just one, exact tool, seed or plant. It can be a pain to search through upturned boxes and piles of unsorted matter.

    Keep a tool rack on the wall for your commonly used tools. Shovels, rakes and other planting necessities should go on this rack so that you won’t have to stumble around them to get to the really fun stuff.
    Glass storage containers for seeds

    Keeping seeds in glass jars is a fun and effective way to keep your seeds healthy. Keep them on storage shelves in your small garden shed so they remain safe and out of the way. Maybe decorate them with lights during the late summer months and enjoy a lit night on your patio!

    Perennial super plants and small garden sheds make a great combo. Enjoy your gardening and shed experience this summer and share what plants you like to garden, and how you like to keep your small garden shed organized!

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