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Right on Track

Model Train building can be tedious work, but it is greatly enjoyed by Ulrich customer Perry Noblett.  After strenuous work as an electrical contractor, Perry loves to come home, to a quiet space he has created, where he can construct model trains, landscape, and small structures.  

As a previous Ulrich customer, Perry knew just where to look for a quality shed.  He first worked with his city to determine the size and type of construction he could have built, then came to Ulrich with a plan in mind.  His vision was constructed into reality by the Ulrich On-Site Construction Crew, in only a day and a half.  Inside he had electrical, HVAC, and drywall installed.  He even went a little above and beyond with his A/C system, ensuring he will be completely comfortable in the heat of Texas summers.  
Perry has been collecting model trains for about 40 years now, however, within the last five years, he has discovered a love he has for building scale model buildings.  Tediously painting each brick and board, laying every shingle, and carefully placing any label, he takes great pride in every finished product.  He especially loves that he can work for hours on a project, leave, and come back and it will be waiting for him exactly as he left it.  One day Perry will piece together his work into a great railway throughout his Ulrich Shed. In the meantime, Perry can work on his individual projects at a pace that suits him, and Ulrich is happy to provide him with the space he needs.

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