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Storage Shed Ideas - Shed Talk™

shed-talk2-smallIf you’re the kind of person who loves to research before you buy, you’ve come to the right place. This collection of articles will help you understand how we build our sheds. We’ve also included guides to help you sort through our many options.
  • Creative Ways to Organize

    When drawers and shelves aren’t enough to stay organized, these creative organization tips will help you get control of your space:


    A simple and visually appealing way to get a little more organized is by separating similar objects into glass jars. This can be great when organizing your workbench. Separate nuts and bolts, screws and nails into different jars. Jars can also be a great option for storing your seeds. The jar should keep your seeds fresh while you wait for the right time of year to start your garden up again.

    Coat Racks

    Coat racks, especially horizontal ones, can be a great way to keep things organized. The best part about using a coat rack to keep things organized is that you can hang it up along the wall. Doing this is a great way to keep tools and cleaning supplies off the ground. You can even hang bags from the hooks. Store similar items in bags to keep them together.

    Bicycle Basket

    Taking your bicycle basket off of your bike and hanging it on the wall is another great storage idea. You can keep paperwork in them, planting supplies, tools–you name it.

    Kayak Storage

    Now that it’s summer, it’s time to get out our kayaks and water sports gear from the shed. We’ll want to keep them stored somewhere easy to access, as to not get discouraged from taking them out for weekend boating trips. You can actually make your own Kayak storage rack out of PVC pipe. It’s not too difficult.

    Making use of the outside of your shed

    The inside of your shed isn’t the only place you can use for storage. Doing a lot of outdoors work this summer? Attach a wooden boot holder to the outside of your wooden storage shed. The look will compliment the outside appearance of your shed and also be a great way to easily access your work boots.

    Having a lot of bonfires this summer? Add a storage rack to the outside of your shed where you can keep nicely chopped pieces of firewood. Beats keeping them lying around in a pile all summer. Plus, keeping your wood under the shelter of your shed’s roof will reduce the need to keep a tarp around at all times.

    Go vintage

    Another visually pleasing way to make more room is by repurposing old objects into new uses.

    Vintage is the new chic. Get creative with a wall hanger that you can decorate. Wooden hangers are a great way to make use of your wall space while keeping things vintage. Use charming, box crates made out of vintage wood to store your movies, books, and magazines in. Stack vintage luggage to create a table for storage. Maybe even use the insides of the luggage to keepsakes!

    Using these creative ways to keep your shed, house or workspace clean won’t only be helpful, they will look great. Don’t be surprised if friends and guests ask you for tips on how they can get organized!

  • History of the Storage Shed

    Where did the idea for the storage shed come from? Surprising or not, what we know as the modern day storage shed is something that has roots as far back as the cavemen. Just as mankind has always strived to expand his wealth and knowledge, it seems that even from early on he has felt the urge to expand his ownership over his own personal space.

    Sheds as we know them

    Ancient cultures from across the world found different ways to create storage spaces apart from their houses. The Egyptians stored things underground, and the Eskimos stored (and still store) things inside igloos. The shed as we know it in America today, however, owes its ancestry to the British

    British Sheds and follies

    Besides sheds used for storage, another kind of shed-like structures were built in England. These structures, called follies, resemble less the storage shed and more the luxury shed of today–the man cave or she shed. Whereas barns existed to store essentials, follies had seemingly no purpose whatsoever. They actually sprung up as a trend for the wealthy who had plenty of land to spare.

    The first Brit to build one of these follies was Sir Thomas Tresham. He built Rushton Lodge in 1595. It was a building erected to express his Christian views on the Trinity, and the symbolism of the number three. There are three sides to the lodge, three floors, three windows on each floor, and three smoke-holes in the chimney.

    Today, the idea of a shed is huge in the British psyche. It’s so big that they even have a yearly contest to decide who has created the best shed.

    Evolution of the barn

    Just as american sheds owe their ancestry to the British (the very word “shed” is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word “shud” which means “cover”), American barns are also close relatives to English barns.

    The first colonists that came to America from England brought the English Barn with them. The English Barn was about 30x40 ft and was used to store small numbers of livestock and grain. As America formed into a nation, the barn evolved. Eventually it became the iconic Prairie Barn, intended for the wide open range, and then lastly the commercial barn that was popular in the early 1900s.

    Sheds and barns today

    Following in this tradition, Ulrich Barns offers sheds for sale in texas that serve both traditional uses as well as the rising trends in alternative sheds – stables, she sheds, playrooms, office spaces and more. Ulrich is a mennonite family business who build in the “tradition of excellent craftsmanship, honesty, and integrity.”

    Why have Ulrich build your shed?

    Once you’ve decided that you want a shed, there are only so many options facing you. You can:

    Build your own shed –if you have the time, parts and expertise to make a shed that can compare with one like this.

    You can hire somebody to design your shed, and then contract someone to make it. I don’t even want to know how much that would cost.

    You can pick up one of those plastic things you find at your local hardware store and maybe throw a shovel or two in it.

    Or you can get in touch with ulrichbarns.com and have a quality shed made for you at an affordable price. If a shed for sale in texas is what you are looking for, Ulrich Barns is your number one choice for both quality and price.

  • The Benefits of a Prefab cabin

    Weekend trips up to the cabin get you the best of both worlds. You’re close to nature without having to sacrifice the comforts of a modern home. There's something about waking up in a rustic, wood cabin that’s relaxing. There’s really nothing else like it.

    And no wonder –studies have shown that being in a room with bare wood walls has the same healthy benefits as a walk through the forest: a reduced heart rate, reduced anxiety, and ease of social tension.

    But how do you get one of these cabins built? Isn’t it a lot of work and money to hire a contractor and have your cabin build in a remote location? Lucky for you, prefab cabins are built and custom made to fit your specifications.


    Excited cabin buyers have many questions about the new home they are investing in. For many, this may be a vacation home in their favorite spot in the mountains or by the lake. For others, it may be a more permanent one. But an important question that they will have to answer is how to get the cabin there?

    Purchasing a cabin can be an adventure, but often what you see is what you get. The only way you can really get a fully customized cabin to suit your needs is by buying a prefab one. This allows quality control and ensured customizability.

    Prefab cabins come ready built?

    There are a lot of challenges would-be cabin owners must face when deciding to purchase their cabin. Buying a prefab cabin can be the answer to all your questions and make your cabin buying process run faster and more smoothly.

    How can it do that?

    Let’s imagine for a moment that a couple wants to build a cabin out in the mountains near their favorite mountain resort town. They buy a new piece of land, and now all that’s left is to build their new cabin on the freshly purchased property. They want full control over the build and make of their new cabin, so they think the best way to do this is by hiring a contractor.

    This, of course, brings with it a laundry list of problems starting with, how are they going to get a builder to set up shop in a remote and difficult to access location? How is he going to have the tools he needs, the manual labor, the right working conditions, in the mountains in a remote location?

    Not to mention how much is this going to cost? All the costs mentioned above plus who knows how many more hidden and unexpected costs will come along with it? For new cabin buyers, the road forward seems a little hopeless.

    Ulrich brings reality to cabin builder’s dreams

    That’s where Ulrich Cabins comes in. Ulrich is a quality builder based in Texas devoted to making each cabin with love, care, by hand. Not only are their cabins customizable, but you can also count on their product –we’ve been in the business for a while!

    The best part is we’ll even deliver your cabin to you. Just check out our pain-free delivery service.

    Building a new log cabin? Don’t sweat. Go the prefab route and know what you’re getting before you buy.

  • Small Garden Sheds and Superplants

    Amidst the storage buildings in Texas, you will also find growing an assortment of plants and wildlife. These birds and plants have found their way into the homes, gardens, and growing around storage buildings in Texas because they alone have the durability to be named the super plants of Texas.

    Plants in Texas must be able to withstand the changes in temperature and unique climate in order to really thrive. Whether growing in vast fields, or in private yards next to a small garden shed, these plants have made a name for themselves as survivors.

    Perennial Plants for the Texas landscape

    Perennial plants are those that grow from the same stem stock year to year. They are perennial because no matter the climate, no matter what happens, they will remain year after year in your garden to delight and charm you with their colors and fragrances.

    Some local favorites are the Yarrow, the Oxblood Lily, Hickley’s columbine, the German Red Carnation, Hardy Argeratum…and more.

    Small garden sheds and plants of texas

    We could go on and on about the wonderful super plants of Texas. They are part of Texas’s landscape. But not only are they a part of the Texan landscape, they are particularly precious to the gardeners, farmers and lovers of nature who live alongside these plants from the day to day.

    The gardener's retreat –small garden sheds

    While there are all kinds of great garden shed designs and ideas out there, none of them will matter as much to you as your own unique garden shed does. You already have your small garden shed –you’re just looking for how to keep up with all the plants that you’ve grown around your garden.

    Optimizing your storage space

    Seeking more space in your small garden shed?

    Firstly, you’ll want a walk in space for your small garden shed. This will allow you full vision of your tools and equipment, which is important when you are in the midst of gardening. Sometimes you’ll need just one, exact tool, seed or plant. It can be a pain to search through upturned boxes and piles of unsorted matter.

    Keep a tool rack on the wall for your commonly used tools. Shovels, rakes and other planting necessities should go on this rack so that you won’t have to stumble around them to get to the really fun stuff.
    Glass storage containers for seeds

    Keeping seeds in glass jars is a fun and effective way to keep your seeds healthy. Keep them on storage shelves in your small garden shed so they remain safe and out of the way. Maybe decorate them with lights during the late summer months and enjoy a lit night on your patio!

    Perennial super plants and small garden sheds make a great combo. Enjoy your gardening and shed experience this summer and share what plants you like to garden, and how you like to keep your small garden shed organized!

  • Creative She-Shed designs that will blow your mind

    When it comes to she sheds, most would agree that how they look on the outside is just as important as the inside. What is a she shed? Well, you’ve heard of a man cave? She sheds are the same thing, only for women. Interested? If so, here are some creative, she shed designs to inspire you.

    The Vintage Shed

    Living Vintage, a company based in Eastern Texas, makes structures out of salvaged wood. They pride themselves in creating buildings that, though new, look like they have been lived in for years. Last year, Living Vintage repurposed their salvaged wood into a beautiful, vintage shed.

    This shed is made almost entirely out of wood salvaged from some of their other projects. The salvaged materials make this shed’s vintage look possible. They used brick, shiplap and tin in the making of this artist’s retreat space.

    The garden shed looks like something out of a picture book. Kim, founder of Living Vintage, is proud of it. She would love to make a vintage shed like this one a possibility for other people who love the vintage look. “We’d love to help other people in the East Texas area make their dreams of owning a gardening shed with vintage character a reality” says Kim.

    Beautiful she shed for sale

    If a quality she shed is what you seek, this luxury she shed built by Ulrich Barns might be the right fit for you. This she shed is “built like a tank, but dressed like a queen,” and comes in a variety of colors. It’s perfect for Texans looking to add a posh shed to their backyard.

    The best part about it is that this is a she shed for sale, and can be yours for a special offer of $9,445.

    Because of its durability and design, this she shed can be used for anything –a place for friends to gather, storage, or a private retreat space.

    Plain, white, she shed on the outside –daydream on the inside

    Though more of a concept shed (you won’t find it on the market), Ella Claire partnered with Home Depot to create a classy she shed. Made to be enjoyed by a group of friends or for a little alone time, this she shed is white with a little vintage charm. It looks best with the windows propped open and has curtains hanging above the doorway. Inside are white chairs, sofas, and flowers spread out underneath books that are stacked high from the rafters. Besides the sofa stands a stack of vintage travel cases transformed into a neat table. This she shed is a great example of a simple yet beautiful way you can get creative with your she shed remodeling.

    The Modern Shed

    One last she shed that could potentially be yours is one designed by Modern Shed. Modern Shed designs sheds that are not intended for garden storage. Their designs focus on providing solutions to limited living space. If you are looking for a she shed with less of a vintage feel and more of a modern, office-space vibe, these designers could be the very people you’re looking for! Sheds span a variety of purposes ranging from outdoor saunas to meditation rooms. One amazing shed you won’t want to miss is the zen-inspired retreat shed they designed. Its entryway is even protected by a pond.

    For more great she shed ideas, check out these 13 creative she shed designs.Good luck with choosing the right she shed for you!

  • Children’s Playhouse Fad –a rising trend among customizable sheds

    Premier Cottage

    Backyard storage sheds have found a new purpose in the modern landscape. As people find out they need to do more with the room that they have, we are slowly finding newer and more unique ways of repurposing backyard storage sheds into creative purposes

    Welcome to the child playhouse shed, a rising trend on the shed horizon.

    The playhouse shed is intended for your children to have a place to play and learn without being far from you. It also gives parents a convenient place to keep their children’s playthings.Tired of picking up legos off the floor whenever you have guests?

    The fact is, having a child playhouse shed in your backyard is a great alternative when there just isn’t enough space for a playroom indoors.

    Choosing a playhouse is a great way to gain control over your life. Sure, you love your kids. They mean the world to you, and you want what is best for them. But isn’t there a way for them to have fun while exploring their creativity without turning your house into a daycare?  Too many people allow their dining rooms, their studies, even their bedrooms, to be overrun by their children’s ambitious play schedule and imagination.

    We love our kids so much that sometimes it can be difficult to realize that we too need our own space, too. A great way to keep your space for family time and allow your kids the freedom to explore is to build them a play area of their own.

    Playhouse sheds can help you–

    Get control over your house again. By giving your children a private space intended for their play and imagination, you are freeing up the rest of your own time and space. By taking the play area out of your dining room, you are giving yourself the freedom you need without restricting theirs.

    Keep the legos in the the playhouse shed —in fact, keep all the playthings in the shed. Reserve the house for quiet, family time, for activities like dinner, reading, or watching a movie.

    Having a playhouse shed for your kids can also be a great way for them to learn. Teach them how to paint, do storytime, or explore their interests, all from the comfort of your playhouse shed.

    Besides these great benefits of having a playhouse shed, there is also a good number of physical and visible bonuses that come with kids having their own place to play. Playing in a playhouse regularly helps fight obesity, increases creative stimulation, and even helps children develop their social skills.  

    Keep your kids safe

    Childproofing a playhouse shed is much easier than childproofing an entire house. Your kids are much less likely to come across harmful objects in a safe space than they are in your house. Keep outlets covered, sharp edges unexposed, and poisonous substances far away from them with the help of a playhouse.

    There are other great ways to ensure your kids are safe while in their shed. Have kids that are a little older? One mom used an exit sign as a way for her kids to tell her whether they were in the shed or not. If the light was on, that meant the kids were in the shed. If it was off, that meant they were in the house. This way mom was always able to know where her kids were, without having to worry much about it.

    Ready to get your own, premium made playhouse? Ulrich offers these sheds for sale in Texas, built with your child in mind.

  • She Shed

    She Shed

    You’ve heard of the man cave. Another backyard building movement is forming. Its called the She Shed. While ‘man cave’ evokes a dim smoky atmosphere with large hunks of meat roasting over an open fire, the She Shed evokes a brighter, more refined space. In either case, the fundamental purpose is the same: A Space of One’s Own. Interruptions, outside opinions, and to do lists are not welcome. Here are some of Ulrich’s best She Shed options:

  • Organize Your Shed


    A Boy Named Abraham

    In the early 1800s there was a skinny boy by the name of Abraham who lived with his parents in Perry Creek County, Indiana. Since they didn't have much money, Abraham's father spent most of his time hunting while the rest of the family worked hard at farming. Abraham would later describe those days as a fight "with trees and logs and grubs". Abraham's last name, by the way, was Lincoln.

  • Why Hinges Matter

    3:00 a.m.

    You wake up to the sound of your neighbor's dog barking. Irritated at both your neighbor and his dog, you roll over and try to get back to sleep. Finally, after fifteen minutes, the barking stops and you drift off into a peaceful sleep.

    The next morning, as you're getting ready for work, you glance into your backyard. Somebody left your shed doors open. Grabbing a bathrobe, you walk out to close the shed doors while munching a piece of toast. As you get closer, you notice that something doesn't seem right. One of the double doors is hanging down at a crazy angle. Looking past the door, you see the inside of the shed is a crazy mess of rakes, shovels, and christmas decorations.

    You have been burglarized.

  • Start with the Floor


    Back in 1173 A.D. some ambitions guys in Italy set out to build a tower that was better than anything that anyone had ever built. It would be 183 feet tall, built with lots of fancy columns and arches.

    Unfortunately, they made a critical miscalculation. They didn't construct the base of the tower properly. That mistake caused a lot of headaches.

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