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The She-Shed

Tucked up in the corner of a tranquil garden in Mineola, TX sits a little shed.  From the outside, this may look like any ordinary garden shed, but with a stylish owner like Donna Love, you know that this shed serves a more beautiful purpose than holding shovels and potting soil.

This space is Donna’s She-Shed, Donna is an avid fan of Pinterest, and found the idea she knew she had to have.  She looked at her husband's storage shed, and planned to take it over and fill it with all things “She.” However, her husband Mike wasn’t too keen on the idea of finding a new place for all of his tools, so they turned to Ulrich to build a beautiful shed just for Donna.  The garden shed was insulated and painted.  Now there is not an inch left of the space that is untouched by Donna’s Charm.

Upon entering the shed to your right sit two sitting chairs, antique and reupholstered to fit in with Donna’s Feminine theme.  Donna uses these chairs to sit, read, and dream alone.  An easel rests in the corner for Donna’s painting projects.  The walls of her shed are adorned with her paintings, even a self-portrait of herself swinging amongst her garden.  To the left is a table with three chairs one for Donna, and one on each side for two young granddaughters who love crafting with their grandmother.  Donna now has a space just as beautiful as she is, to create anything she can dream of.

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