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Problems with Cheap Sheds - Wall of Shame™ | Ulrich Barns

Cheap ShedsUnfortunately, many companies build cheap sheds lacking the level of quality and passion you deserve. Here are a few of the stories we've heard that made us shed a tear. On another note, if you have ANY issues or concerns with our product quality or service, please let us know immediately so that we can resolve it. quoteThe bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.quote3Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)
  • Water Stains Have a Story to Tell

    Sometimes when you walk into a building on a display lot, you can see water stains on the floor. Be warned.


  • Can You Trust Their Warranty?

    This facebook post was from a large national company. While they made an effort, in the end, the customer was not happy. We make mistakes too, but as a local family owned business, we promise to keep working until you’re happy.


  • Choose Your Driver Carefully

    A shed needs to be handled carefully during delivery. It doesn’t do much good to build it beautiful in the plant, and then dinge it up while it’s being delivered. Here at Ulrich our drivers are experienced employees, not a third party contractor.


  • Skimpy Paint

    Notice the wood showing through the paint.


  • What About Those Nail Holes

    Details make a difference. Note the holes left by the nails. Those holes are a place for water to puddle and ultimately degrade the siding over time. Caulking the nail holes before painting is an important step.


  • Getting What you Paid For (or maybe a bit less)

    Note the missing roof panel in the back.


  • Cheap in Every Way

    Plastic sheds: Seductively cheap, but not a good long term choice. Note the panel falling out on the left.


  • Low Quality Door Hardware

    Door hardware is not a good place to skimp.


  • Misleading Claims

    A competitors’ “continuous” eave vent. The air can come up through the notches. That’s hardly continuous.


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