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Shed Blog - We Love Sheds ℠

we-love-img-smallWe love sheds, but we love our customers even more. Here’s a collection of stories and pictures showing some of our most interesting sheds and playhouses.
  • Tough Times

    Tough Times. When Ayla was born, her parents thought she was a normal, healthy baby. At 3 weeks, when she struggled to breath, they realized something was seriously wrong. Ayla was diagnosed with atrioventricular canal defect, a serious but treatable heart condition.

  • Ulrich Cheese Cave at Bedford Nest

    James Ryan is passionate about making great cheeses, but he needed a dedicated space for his projects. He wanted a building that looked unique. Richard Miller helped him find the perfect fit. This log cabin shell has a red metal roof to match his carports and his Ulrich gazebo. Besides looking cool, James likes that it's really well built.


  • The Perfect Potting Shed

    The Perfect Potting Shed


    John and Kristen Colvin were shopping for a backyard building last summer. At the time, they had recently moved from San Francisco and were looking for a potting shed. Kristen has a knack for growing exotic plants, so she needed a place to keep her potting supplies, as well as a place to put her tender plants during the winter.

  • Sometimes we make mistakes

    Sometimes we make mistakes.

    We won’t stop, though, until you’re completely happy.

    We promise.

  • Have it Your Way

    Here at Ulrich we let you customize your building. For instance, the yellow shed shown below normally has the double shed doors, but our client wanted a steel door instead.


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