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Creative She-Shed designs that will blow your mind

When it comes to she sheds, most would agree that how they look on the outside is just as important as the inside. What is a she shed? Well, you’ve heard of a man cave? She sheds are the same thing, only for women. Interested? If so, here are some creative, she shed designs to inspire you.

The Vintage Shed

Living Vintage, a company based in Eastern Texas, makes structures out of salvaged wood. They pride themselves in creating buildings that, though new, look like they have been lived in for years. Last year, Living Vintage repurposed their salvaged wood into a beautiful, vintage shed.

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Shed Talk 11
Shed Talk 11
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Elite Series She Shed

She Shed

You’ve heard of the man cave. Another backyard building movement is forming. Its called the She Shed. While ‘man cave’ evokes a dim smoky atmosphere with large hunks of meat roasting over an open fire, the She Shed evokes a brighter, more refined space. In either case, the fundamental purpose is the same: A Space of One’s Own. Interruptions, outside opinions, and to do lists are not welcome. Here are some of Ulrich’s best She Shed options.

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