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Fort Worth Storage Sheds

8920 South Fwy
Fort Worth, TX 76140
Monday to Friday: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Sunday: Closed
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Fort Worth Storage Sheds

Fort Worth Storage Sheds

Welcome to Ulrich Fort Worth Storage Sheds! We have storage sheds to suit all needs: she sheds, man cave sheds, storage sheds, garden sheds, office sheds. If you need a high-quality backyard building, you’ve come to the right place.

She Sheds

Whether you want a place for arts and crafts or whether you just need a quiet reading nook, our sheds and cabin shells are the perfect way to get your she shed project off the ground. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles to make your she shed dream a reality. You can customize the placement of doors and windows so that your building fits into your backyard perfectly. It’s time to create a space of your own.

Man Caves

Whether your woodworking hobby has outgrown your garage or you need a “guys only” space for darts and pool, Ulrich sheds and cabin shells make it easy to get your man cave project started. Our heavy-duty floor systems can easily support your tools and toys, whether it’s a pool table or a band saw.

Storage Sheds

How long has it been since you’ve been able to park your car in your garage? If you’re looking to get your stuff organized and accessible, an Ulrich storage shed is a great choice. Our durable materials will keep your building looking good for years. Additionally, our theft-resistant door hardware works hard to keep your stuff safe and secure.

Garden Sheds

What could be better than creating a backyard paradise? As any avid gardener and landscaper know, having the right tools within easy reach makes the task easier and more fun. It can be a potting shed, a tool shed, or a combination of both. Our attractive storage sheds not only do a great job holding your garden tools, but the beauty of the shed itself also enhances the look of your garden paradise.

Office Sheds

Working from home is great, but it can be distracting to work inside your house. You can be a lot more productive with a dedicated space, designed from the ground up for getting work done. A backyard office shed is a great way to “go to work” without the tedious commute. Our cabin shells are built from the ground up with durability in mind—so you can relax, knowing that your office shed is a solid investment for both your property and your career.

Where is Ulrich Barns in Fort Worth?

We are conveniently located at 8920 South Freeway, Fort Worth, which is about 2 miles south of I-20 on I-35W. If you’re coming from the north, take Exit 42 (Everman Parkway). If you’re coming from the south, take Exit 42 (Everman Parkway) and make a U-turn at Everman Parkway. Our store is about a ¼ mile south of Everman Parkway, on the west side of I-35W.

Sheds and Cabin Shell Models in Fort Worth

We have a wide variety of model sheds and sizes on display here at our Fort Worth storage shedslocation, including storage sheds, cabin shells, and playhouses. Many of our clients enjoy stepping inside an Ulrich backyard building and seeing the build quality firsthand. Selecting a shed size is easier when you’ve seen what a 12×20 ft. or a 16×40 ft. backyard building actually looks like.

Sales Consultants

Providing our customers with a terrific buying experience is one of our key commitments. From the time you make the first call or visit our Fort Worth storage sheds store for the first time, we want to make the purchase process easy and fun. Our knowledgeable sales staff are ready to learn about your needs and guide you to the backyard building of your dreams.

How to Buy an Ulrich Shed

The buying process is pretty simple. Your Fort Worth storage sheds sales consultant will ask you what type of use you have in mind for your shed. Our recommendation may vary considerably, based on whether you’re looking for a charming she shed or if you simply need basic storage for household items and lawn equipment. Next, you’ll hammer out the details of your building, including size, color, and window and door placement. Choose your payment plan and your delivery type, and that’s really about all it takes. In six weeks or less, you’ll be enjoying your new backyard building.


Payment Plans for Buying a Shed

Part of our commitment to a great customer experience includes providing a variety of payment options to fit your needs. If you’d like to pay cash, you’ll simply pay half up front, with the balance when your building is delivered. 

We also offer a credit-based payment plan with competitive rates, which makes it easy for our qualified customers to enjoy a low monthly payment.

Many of our customers prefer our rent-to-own option, which gives you the flexibility of renting without the need for a credit check. You can choose from a three- or five-year purchase plan, but if your life circumstances change unexpectedly, you can simply return the building when you no longer need it.


How Does Ulrich Barn Builders Put a Shed in My Backyard?

We have two ways to get a shed into your backyard. If you have adequate clearance through your driveway or gate, we will deliver your shed fully assembled. However, maybe the gate to your backyard is only four feet wide and your shed is twelve feet wide. In that case, we can build your shed in your backyard. Our skilled builders bring the materials to your property on a trailer, then hand carry the items through your narrow gate. Regardless of the delivery type, we level your building on concrete blocks, allowing you to use the building immediately upon completion.


Popular Upgrades

While our buildings are jam-packed with standard features, we also have additional upgrades available. Some of our most popular upgrades include additional windows, a ramp for your lawnmower, and skirting to enclose the foundation of the shed.

Ulrich Passion

Ulrich Barn Builders is passionate about sheds. We take great pride in our products and—most importantly, our thousands of happy customers. Give us a call or stop by our Fort Worth storage sheds location today!


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