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Modern Shed Ideas


If you’re looking for modern shed ideas, you need look no further than Ulrich Barns. We have heard from many satisfied customers over the years, and been amazed at some of the shed uses they tell us about. Take Ken Barnett, who needed a storage shed that his prominent homeowner’s association would approve of and his neighbors would be happy with. Ken knew just where to look for such a storage shed for sale in Texas.

"When you live in a neighborhood with a prominent Homeowners Association, you feel the pressure to ensure what sits on your property is the best of the best,” Ken stated. He needed the extra space in his current garage, but the neighborhood HOA would only allow a 10x12 storage shed, just big enough for him to set up his motorcycle inside. From here, Ken plans on insulating and sheet rocking the inside to create a workshop for himself. His neighbors were skeptical at first, fearing whatever Ken put up on his property would be an “eyesore” but after seeing the beautiful finished Ulrich Barns product, they realized that he carefully considered the style of his storage shed, and the effect it would have on the community.

Consider the case of Camp Thurman in Pantego, Texas. With their continued use of many tools, lawn equipment, and ATV’s, the camp saw the need for a few storage sheds, and Ulrich Barns came to their rescue.

Ulrich Barns provided Camp Thurman with two storage sheds and a portable garage to help with their storage needs. The first shed houses tools they need to maintain all of the bridges, rock walls, picnic tables, and equipment on the property. With 14 acres of thick woods and hosting 7,000 kids per summer, Camp Thurman finds plenty of need for daily maintenance. Camp Thurman’s ATV and other vehicles are kept safe from the weather in their dual entry portable garage.

The camp also needed safe, secure storage for pool supplies and chemicals, and again camp leadership looked to Ulrich Barns to provide what they needed. The camp now has two sheds for the pool area; one shed houses pool toys, life vests, and miscellaneous supplies, and the other houses necessary pool chemicals.

Then there is the story of Bob Jones, father of ten. In 1920 Bob donated an acre of land to the county to create a school where his grandchildren and other area children could attend, which stayed open until 1951. It seems fitting that the Bob Jones Nature

Center also holds education in high regard. The center holds homeschool sessions, pre-school, and summer camps for kids of all ages to learn about conservation and environmental education.

A large red barn sits near the Center’s headquarters, once holding all the maintenance equipment. The barn is old and loved by many for its rustic charm. However, recently the city condemned the building, preventing the staff from storing their equipment inside. This forced the Nature Center to move their equipment inside the main building where they host the children. Eventually, they decided they needed a new shed. They were looking for a quality built shed they could rely on for years. They found Ulrich, and we built the Nature Center a beautiful, red utility shed that matched the existing barn on the property. Now they have the space they need and can easily access their tools without disrupting the kids’ education.

These are just a few of the many possible shed uses for your Ulrich Barns storage shed. Others include:

  • Crafts
  • Hobbies
  • Kids playhouse
  • Gardening
  • Getaway spot
  • Office
  • Music studio
  • Art studio
  • Homeschool
  • Man Cave
  • She Shed
  • Mother-in-law suite
  • Camping gear storage
  • Workshop
  • Motorcycle shed
  • Lawn equipment storage
  • Ultimate doghouse
  • Secure storage
  • ATV/vehicle storage
  • Home gym

 Be sure to visit our blog and see how our creative customers have put their modern shed ideas to use. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our versatile, durable, affordable line of storage sheds and cabin kits.